en la organización de las personas con asma bronquial y enfermedades alérgicas

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About us

1-08-2009 | Redacción


The Galician Patients Association of Asthma and Allergy (ASGA) was formed as a non-profit organization in 1986 in the city of A Corunna (Spain), due to the restlessness of a several group of people: patients, specialists in asthma and allergy, and relatives of the patients, with the aim to contribute to the fight against allergy and asthma from different points of view: scientific, medical, and social, through the information, education, social intervention, support and research.

Throughout the years, our Association has contributed to provide comprehensive information, for patients and the general public, being recognized by Galician Government as a Lending Services Organization.

Nowadays we followed in the same way of acting, organizing interactive meetings, establishing Education and Aid Programs and making summer camps for asthmatic children in summer, acting in favour of the fulfilment of our social function:

  • Comprehensive, practical information and support needed to manage asthma and allergy effectively.

  • Education and Formation of the patients in the Prevention of the Asthma and Allergy as basic treatment.

  • Organ of representation of views of people with asthma and allergy before the institutions.

  • Improvement of the Quality of Life of asthmatic and allergic patients sharing initiatives with other associations of patients at national level as much international.